Where to Invest Your Money? Make Your Money Grow and Beyond

These days there are so many different options when it comes to investing. You need to be armed with the proper knowledge and put your head down and learn all that you can about the investing strategy you choose. If you don’t learn and become more aware of the investing risks and rewards you could start chasing those who promise quick riches through the next killer penny stock or some secret trading strategy that will only be made available to a few people. Basically, these people pray on the human fear of loss. Some are even downright scammers but it takes a while for these crooks to get caught. Resist the temptation to earn money quickly and easily. If anyone promises you either of those scenarios, don’t walk, run in the opposite direction.

Your best bet to getting rich is using a long-time perspective when it comes to your savings and investments. If you are always looking towards the short term or the next 3-6 months when it comes to calculating returns on investment or rates of return on other investments you are likely to make poorer decisions. When you consider each investment for a longer period of time i.e. for 3-5 years or longer, you are likely to do your due diligence and you will not lose sleep over the market’s ups and downs. Wondering where to invest your money? Lets look at our top picks for where to get the best returns for your money:

1) Stocks: Nearly everyone talks about stocks as having the highest rate of return when it comes to investments especially if you consider the long-term as we suggest. Stocks can be a great investment especially for those who are OK with crunching a few basic numbers and doing some due diligence about the company whose shares of stock you are willing to buy. There are a lot of different approaches you can take to individual stock selection. We advocate reading up ‘Rule #1’ by Phil town when you are starting out and then reading ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham.

2) Index Funds or ETFs: Those of you who like minimal management of their portfolio but don’t want to lose out on higher potential returns stocks can offer should consider investing in index funds or ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). With the advent of ETFs you can invest in a diversified aggregate of stocks which represent the different indexes or sectors that you are familiar with. Its less riskier than investing in individual stocks but can offer superior returns if you play it right.

3) Yourself: That’s the best investment anybody can make. Invest in knowledge that increases your earning ability and sharpens your investing skills. Read books, take courses & seminars and above all else apply what you earn. Be prepared to make mistakes and more importantly learn from them.

Investing Your Money

So you came across a decent chunk of change and you may be wondering about ways you could be investing your money. Or maybe you don’t have very much spare change and you are struggling to get by on a day to day basis and know that it is time for a change. Sound all too familiar?

The fact of the matter is, we could all use a little more money. Money isn’t everything. However, if you stop to think of it, if you had enough money, it would solve the majority, if not all of your problems. Think of it, what is the endless fight that most couples have together in their relationships? What if you could buy that second car or pay your rent on time? Wouldn’t that solve many of your stresses and arguments that stem from that stress? Maybe your child is struggling in school and acting out due to their frustration from lack of spending time with you because you are always at work scraping for pennies to provide for them. What if you could invest your money and quit your job(s) and give your child the attention they so desperately need and deserve? What if, for once, you could just relax and enjoy your life the way that it was meant to be enjoyed?

What if, we stopped wondering “what if?” and just make it happen? How do we make our money work for us rather than us working for our money? We can make our money work for us by investing it. It doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars. It doesn’t even have to be a thousand dollars. Not even five hundred dollars. It could in fact be, one dollar at a time.

You simply find yourself a niche. Research your investment thoroughly. Make sure your niche is something that the general public is looking for. You buy product from wholesalers for pennies on the dollar and sell them for at least double and sometimes even more than that. These products are available online from thousands of different companies all day long. Like I said, you just have to do your due diligence to find them.

It is more than possible to achieve financial independence for yourself and your family. It is up to you to invest your money wisely. Only you can make it possible. Only you can take the first step toward freedom.

Learn How to Invest Your Money

Perhaps one of the most important skills you will ever learn throughout your life is to learn how to invest your money. After all, money is what makes the world go around, doesn’t it?

You need money to take care of your basic needs. You need money to provide shelter over your head and to have food to eat, and to be able to travel from point A to point B. You need money for education. You need money for retirement. So it goes without saying that to learn how to invest your money is perhaps the most important thing you will ever learn.

Why should you learn how to invest your money? Why can’t you just keep it in the bank or under your mattress? Well, if you want to have any hope of ever achieving financial freedom, breaking free of the rat race, living comfortably beyond retirement when you are no longer able to work, and you want to be able to achieve your dreams, then you need to learn how to invest your money to make it grow.

If you learn how to invest your money, you will be able to take control of your financial future. You will be able to grow your net worth very quickly. You should be able to turn one dollar into two dollars.

By itself, money will eventually decrease in value, due to inflation. The best way to outpace inflation, and to increase the value of every dollar is to learn how to invest your money wisely.

Investing doesn’t have to be something complicated. You don’t need to be a math whiz. Once you educate yourself on the basics of how investing works, and you learn the best strategies for investing, it will all become common sense, and you will be empowered with the knowledge to achieve great wealth.

Best Ways to Invest Your Money in Fast Cycle Investments

We developed this idea of a segregated fast cycle investment some time ago and have confidently applied the rules to many and varied opportunities. Not all investment opportunities are suitable as we require fast SOR or speed of returns. Also the risk factor is critical as a fast cycle investment needs to be secured in some way for maximum risk control.

Some of the best ways to invest your money (read – get low risk high returns) is by seeking out such short cycle investments. An institutional investment takes typically at least a year to mature and even then, 10 years is better and 40 years would be ideal. Who has 40 years to wait. Not serious investors. That’s for sure.

Not that one would neglect their due diligence and prudent examination of the investment, but obviously a short cycle investment of a month or even a week would compound over a year to provide a dramatic yield for those with the patience to be more hands on with their investment activity. It is after all, just a skill and any skill can be learned with a little perseverance.

Knowing what we know…it would be remiss of us not highlighting several important points. A fast cycle investment should be undertaken with a specific time frame in mind. Also, you should increase your investment when you find something that reliably pays on the long term. To secure the investment, always try to secure equal or better value from the investment in exchange for the money you spend.